March 26, 2015

Cheer up. Ugly houses exist!

I get depressed at all the "design" blogs and websites on the internet. They make me feel terribly inferior, and they insult my dust bunnies. Seriously: half the time I see the stuff on those sites and think, "My God, what a dust collector that is!" My own main decor theme is books. I'm sure any realtor would hate us if they tried to market our home, it's a basic library. The potential buyers would be too busy reading book spines to pay any attention to anything else. Which could be a good thing.

On the other hand, I found a blog that actually made me feel good about myself, home design-wise. After awhile, the blog made me feel sick. But not as sick as Apartment Therapy or Design Sponge!

Yup, Ugly House Photos is my cup of tea, for awhile. Some of the following pics are from that blog, others are just things I found on the internet.

First we have terrible terrible paint. I don't even know the name of that yellowish color. It's kind of greenish-yellow...why am I telling you that, you can see. It's awful.
 photo Neon.jpg

Now I know these colors: blue and orange. And some white. Did they mean to go with red, white and blue? I see they have a flag there. Alas, we may never know.
 photo brightpaint.jpg

 photo polka-dots.jpeg Now to the left we have a polka-dotted house, very crafty! And it's in my two favorite colors: lavender and pink.

But I'm not stupid, I'm not completely tasteless, and I see this is all wrong for a house.

I do have two questions: how did they paint such perfect circles?

And how do their neighbors feel about having this house on the street?

Ohhh! A Hello Kitty house! Look at the archway! This house is a little girl's dream, I tell ya.

But yeah, it's pretty horrid.
 photo hello-kitty-house.jpeg

I have a professional opinion here, about why these folks can't seem to grow grass! 
 photo NoGrass.jpg

Now these folks take a boulder approach to landscaping! heh heh

Actually, I know that some folks in Arizona or other desert areas use gravel for their yards and I'm cool with that ("Honey, get out there and rake the gravel!") but these people must've said, "Throw a coupla big ones in there, too" because that's what they got.
 photo BoulderYard.jpg 

Yes, I feel better. I might even go rearrange some books.