March 20, 2015


This one was my favorite; it just revs up my taste buds to see it here. That meatloaf was pretty good and you could take the ketchupy sauce and put it over the tater tots and some of the sauce always got on the brownie, which to this day makes me, sometimes, want to put a little ketchup on any piece of cake, something I could not explain until now.

The green beans were terrible. Very hard to chew. But I ate them, too, because you just did with a TV dinner.

These have been ruined now. They probably removed all the hazardous chemicals and dyes, because the healthy choices available in frozen foods are just that: healthy choices of stuff you should be cooking yourself.

TV dinners were what they said. A frozen dinner that you made because you were busy, man. Busy watching TV, which was also a better deal back then. Even if we had only three channels.


TV Dinner, 1968