January 17, 2015

Resin Figures

 photo ResinFigures.jpg

These resin figures were everywhere in the early to mid-seventies. I was actually looking for the one my friend Karen gave to me for Christmas in 1974. It said, "Bitch a little, you'll feel better."

I think these figures were about $1.98 at Hudson's Pharmacy. They were about seven inches tall and you could also find them at Blaylock's. And isn't it funny how last names that are so familiar to a particular geographical region seem so foreign to people who don't live where you are? (Everybody knew the Blaylocks, they had a horse farm.)

Anyway, it was probably Christmas of 1974 that my parents both got their "World's Greatest Mom/Dad" resin figure. That was four bucks of my allowance I'd never see again.

No, no, I was glad to do it. Nothing like a little statuette to say things I'd never have said out loud.

I wish I'd said it out loud.
 photo ILoveYouThisMuch.jpg