January 5, 2015

Merit Badges

I come from a long line of Scouts...that is, Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of America. I was a Brownie and then a Girl Scout, my brother was a Boy Scout (and his son, my nephew, is an Eagle Scout), my father was always a Boy Scout and eventually Cub Master of our local Scouts and my mother had Girl Scout troops for several years.

I tell you all that because I don't like anything that denigrates Scouting. Therefore, I have determined that Merit Badges are not a slam on Scouts but rather a compliment to the organization.

Also, just so you know, this was my idea first. I just failed to act upon it. I think adult merit badges would be a wonderful incentive to do many fine things. Frankly, there are things I would never do for money that I'd happily do to earn a badge.

Let's keep that last sentence there to ourselves. It sounds absolutely ridiculous even though it's true.

So someone else ran with my idea and now you can get merit badges online. What's lacking (which is part of my idea) is a written list of each of the steps necessary to earn these awards. (Also, an adult needs to initial each step as you complete it. Perhaps, given this turn-about, one's child or other young person in their life should have to do the initialing. Maybe the young person should have to be a real Scout.)

I chose the badges I believe I'm qualified to buy and sew onto a sash, which I would wear proudly anywhere. You can check here for badges you feel you deserve.
 photo CoffeeDrinking.jpg
Coffee Drinking
 photo RunningOnEmpty.jpg
Running On Empty
 photo Email.jpg
 photo Disorienteering.jpg
 photo NoCellPhones.jpg
Living Without 
 photo BloggingMeritBadge.jpg