April 9, 2015

Just like the astronauts!

They said the astronauts drank it. You know, I question that in terms of interpretation. Did the astronauts drink it in outer space? Or did they just have a little sip at Cape Canaveral before they lifted off?

 photo Tang.jpgBecause Tang was the worst thing since the sip of my dad's beer that I'd lifted during a bridge party. Tang was bitter and not at all sweet, and adding sugar didn't help; I know because I tried. It was supposed to be a very healthy drink, all that Vitamin C and such. But I could never make peace with Tang; the only thing I admire is the name, which is exactly what it tastes like.

 photo FoodSticks.jpg Now, Food Sticks were another matter. I swear I remember that the astronauts ate these as well, though I can find no one else to confirm that.

At any rate, supposedly you could get the nutrition of an entire meal in a single stick! This was so handy, because mealtimes cut into my childhood work of bike riding and other activities. And Food Sticks did not require manners, an important consideration.

Eventually someone got wise and figured out that Food Sticks were just glorified candy bars (and not very good ones in that context), and after that they sort of went away. Turns out you'd have been about as well off to eat a Butterfinger. And a root beer instead of that horrible Tang!

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