February 28, 2015

Seinfeld's Apartment

Jerry Seinfeld
129 West 81st Street
Apartment 5A
New York, NY 10024  photo JerrySeinfeldApartmentLayout.jpg from Nikneuk on Deviant Art

February 24, 2015

Japanese artist Kentaro Hisa

For some reason, I find these wonderfully appealing. See more of Ms. Hisa's work on her Pinterest pages.

 photo KentaroHisa1.jpg
 photo KentaroHisa2.jpg
 photo KentaroHisa3.jpg
 photo KentaroHisa4.jpg
 photo KentaroHisa5.jpg

February 20, 2015

Robots Gone Wild

I laughed way too long and hard at these.

found here

February 17, 2015

Michael Garmash

I simply love the work of Ukraine-born Michael Garmash and his wife, Inessa. You can find him all over the internet; if you want to see more, here's a nice sampling. His women are gorgeous, but I enjoy the children of his Disney series.

 photo BoyAndPooh.jpg 

 photo Among-Friends.jpg 

 photo PoohAndGirl.jpg

February 14, 2015

February 10, 2015

More Scrabble goodies!

Gingerbread Scrabble letter cookies! Ali provides the recipe and the instructions on her blog, Give Me Some Oven. I have to give her props for inventing one of the Top Ten Blog Titles here, which is an award of my own making.

Here are her results:

Below is the rag quilt created by Ashley...she actually hand drew the letters. God, I am so non-crafty. I cannot tell you what this would look like had I done it.

But I didn't, Ashley did, as a wedding gift. I would probably display it on the wall.

There is another picture and more explanation on her blog, O Sew Many Rags.

February 6, 2015

Sad Eyes

 photo Puppy.jpg It seems like everybody had "Sad Eyes" posters in the early seventies. I had two but they were probably not actually done by the artist responsible for these works, Margaret Keane. In fact, one of the paintings below is signed by another artist altogether.

Ms. Keane is the subject of an upcoming movie; she painted but sold her work under the name of her husband. When they inevitably divorced, he denied  her invention of the genre and took claim of it for himself. Margaret eventually won.

These pictures are sadder than sad and I have no idea why they had such appeal to us back then. Maybe it was like leg warmers: everybody else seemed to like them, so...
Here are four more Keane-type works. You can see even more at the Keane Eyes Gallery.
 photo GirlWithKitten.jpg  photo Dogs.jpg
 photo Dancing.jpg  photo Ballerina.jpg

February 3, 2015


 photo CandyCollage.jpg
B-B-Bats, Kits, Brach's Neapolitan Coconut Sundaes and Pixie stix!

B-B-Bats and Pixie Stix were popular at the swimming pool; you could get them at the concession stand and they were easy to eat. B-B-Bats were taffy, as were Kits, but Pixie Stix were basically powdered sugar. There was some flavor to the stix; later we would start buying Kool-Aid and mixing the powder with granulated sugar and presto! we had Pixie Stix candy! It had a kind of bitter after-bite.

Brach's candy was available, for some reason, at Sear's here in Topeka. Just as it shows below, you filled a sack with what you wanted. A lot of Brach's stuff was hard candy, something I have no love for, and I thought of it as bridge candy since my mom bought it sometimes for the bridge parties that she and Dad hosted.

Candy was so important as a child. It was exactly like drugs: did we have any candy? Did we have enough? When could we get more? Did we have the money for more? Because we didn't want to run out!

Ah, candy. Makes we want to pour another cup of strong coffee.

 photo BrachsPickAMix.jpg