December 27, 2014

Some Toys Of Christmas Past

We had remarkable Christmases as far as presents went. My parents went nuts every year, even after we were married with children of our own. I can only think they loved doing it. I don't remember any gifts that my parents didn't enjoy playing with as well!

I had a Barbie doll. I did not love Barbie. She had enormous breasts that made her difficult to dress and my Barbie had bendable rubber legs but her arms were stiff plastic. What's up with that? And her shoes would never stay on, and she had only a short red bob for hair.

But Skipper! Ah, Skipper. Skipper looked like me. I had the blonde one as shown here, with that same bloomers outfit although I called it her swim suit. One Christmas I got a Barbie and Skipper house that was like a huge suitcase that opened to the most fabulous studio apartment. My Barbie house is a sore spot with me because my parents did a complete basement clean-out after my brother and I were married with families of our own and along with all of my other valuable retro things, they got rid of my Barbie house. Mom swore it had mildew in it but if you think I believe that, you're very wrong. 
 photo Skipper.jpg
 photo PotHolderLoom.jpg I loved my potholder loom. I remember spending that entire Christmas day working on my first potholder. It was such fun that I fantasized about being a weaver; I mean, how hard could it be?

Somebody said, "Those were great potholders!" but that's crazy thinking because those potholders were nothing but nylon strings. You could've gotten a third degree burn through one of those things, not to mention that they scorched like crazy.
But oh, making them was so much fun! I'm not a crafty person, not in the least, but years later I would make a few latch-hook rugs and I thought: this is almost as much fun as my potholder loom. Wonder where my potholder loom is these days?

You guessed it. Gone in the Great Basement Clean-Out.
 photo LoomFinishedPotholder.jpg

The Whee-Lo was a rather tricky gadget but my whole family got pretty good at it. There were TV commercials for it with a catchy little jingle that I can almost but not quite remember. To see a Whee-Lo in action, you can watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

And of course the number slider game, a perfect stocking stuffer. My brother could put the thing in order in less than a minute but I could not. I can't do the online ones, either. However, I did figure out how to snap all the numbers out entirely and put them back in...snap snap snap. Sadly, I tried the same thing years later with a Rubik's Cube, peeling the colored squares off so I could make the sides all one color. What a mess! I was a teenager by then and knew better, and my mom made me go and buy a new one.

 photo NumberSlider.jpg
Yes, we had some fantastic Christmases. It wasn't just the gifts, of course. It was family everywhere and music and just the feeling of a holiday. I love to remember all that.

Just like I love to remember my fantastic Barbie house, gone forever and ever. Dammit.