August 2, 2014

30 Television Shows Of My Childhood

 photo NBCPeacock.jpg These shows were in living color! as demonstrated by NBC's peacock, shown on the left. (The following shows were on various networks, not just NBC.)

I realize that this makes it look like I watched at great deal of television, but I didn't. However, what I did watch was quality programming. I know because the stations said so.

I found these images mostly on Google and Bing, but also on Pinterest.

Click any image to be redirected to YouTube for the opening theme.
 photo 10000Pyramid.jpg  photo Adam-12.jpg
 photo AllInTheFamily.jpg  photo AndyGriffithShow.jpg
 photo Bewitched.jpg  photo BobNewhartShow.jpg
 photo BradyBunch.jpg  photo DarkShadows.jpg
 photo DickVanDykeShow.jpg  photo FamilyAffair.jpg
 photo FlyingNun.jpg  photo GilligansIsland.jpg
 photo GomerPyle.jpg  photo HawaiiFive-O.jpg
 photo HollyeoodSquares.jpg  photo IDreamOfJeannie.png
 photo ILoveLucy.jpg  photo Lassie.jpg
 photo LeaveItToBeaver.jpg  photo LetsMakeADeal.gif
 photo LoveAmericanStyle.jpg  photo MarcusWelbyMD.jpg
 photo MaryTylerMooreShow.jpg  photo MASH.jpg
 photo MyThreeSons.jpg  photo OddCouple.jpg
 photo PartridgeFamily.jpg  photo ThatGirl.jpg
 photo TruthOrConsequences.jpg  photo Waltons.png