July 17, 2014

I'm not pregnant!

But I did find the image below and found it to be very...instructive. During our pre-childbirth classes, we saw film after film of women having babies. I felt that it was to kind of desensitize the husbands. Also perhaps to make the moms-to-be swear mentally that they would not shriek and hit their spouses during labor. We also had to look at a lot of charts of how our babies looked in utero. The thing is, unless we were hoping to become obstetricians, what good was this? It would've been enough for me to hear, "Your kid has a thumb by now" or "At this point, the liver is complete."

Anyway, I just know my childbirth class would've grabbed up this image and studied it with the intensity of one preparing to take the bar exam. And it would be good during birth, too. The nurse could say, "You're a daisy now! Just hang on!" and "Wow! You're at doughnut level!" and so on.

So, you know. I like this chart.

from Sweet Leigh Mama