June 1, 2014

Beat Up Creations

Angela Rossi says she uses recycled, abused, tossed-aside and forgotten items to create art...and she does! The thing is, I would not want these things on my walls. If I had to get up in the night to get a drink of water, and if the moon were in just the right position to lighten the wall, and if I saw one of these pictures...and especially if I weren't quite fully awake!...I can't be sure what would happen.

But I did want them on my blog, so that says something. To buy, visit Angela's Etsy site.

Meanwhile, here's a sampling:
 photo Scott.jpg  photo Olivia.jpg
 photo Kara.jpg  photo Billy.jpg
 photo Tommy.jpg  photo Max.jpg
 photo Juliet.jpg  photo Maggie.jpg