March 29, 2014

Documenting The Great Depression

Marion Post Wolcott (b. 1910) worked for the Farm Security Administration during the Depression and spent her career documenting poverty and racism. Many of her works are considered iconic portraits of the times.

Wolcott died in 1990. You can find more of her work on The Library Of Congress website and Shorpy
 photo MarionPostWolcott.jpg

Belzoni, Mississippi 1939
Black man entering theater through the "colored" entrance.

Capels, West Virginia 1938
Coal miner waiting for a ride home.

Greensboro, Georgia 1939
Street scene on the main thoroughfare.

Melrose, Louisiana 1940
A crossroads bar, store, juke joint and gas station in the cotton plantation area.

Belle Glade, Florida 1941
Migratory workers by a juke joint.