March 25, 2014

I blame Pinterest.

Specifically, I blame Caitlin Cowell, who has the most fascinating board I've ever seen. It's called "hiSTORY" and it has pictures of everything from foot-binding to bubonic plague. She finds this stuff all over the place!

On the right top is one of the Greenland mummies found in 1972. I didn't even know there had been mummies in Greenland! This one is at least 500 years old...and Caitlin found the photograph.

Then she posted a picture (right, bottom) that just horrified me: an old-time photograph of three young brothers, one of whom was clearly dead. The dead child was posed in a chair and his brothers stood uneasily beside him.

It turns out this was a common practice back in the day, when young children often did die and photographs were rare.
Click on images to view larger.

For families who chose to have a photograph taken, this might well be the only viable memory of the child they would ever have.

I don't do "shock" very well on this blog. I'd like to think of Palace Puppy's Weblog as a gentle place, a place with pretty little flowers and peace signs and happy memories of days gone by. I do post about some oddities, but it just wouldn't fit to have scads of pictures of dead people, even if it fascinates me (and maybe you?).

So I created another blog with just a few pages. I won't link to it in my Pages Menu at the top of this page, but I'll give you the URL here. I warn you that it's not ordinary Palace Puppy fare.

It's called Memento Mori Photographs.

I hope you'll visit it if you're interested!