March 23, 2014

Vintage quarantine signs

My husband had the measles when he was six or seven. He was gravely ill for a long time, and his memories of that time are horrific to me, though I suspect that his memory is veiled by a fog of pain and fever dreams. The Health Department put a sign on his house and for a small child, that was one of the most confusing aspects of his illness. All he knew is that people had to stay away.

I found an old quarantine notice on the internet during one of my random journeys so I decided to post it here; then I found more so I'm including them, too.

Click on any of the quarantine notices below to read more about the disease.

measles photo measles.jpg
typhoid fever photo typhoidfever.jpgdiphtheria photo diptheria.jpgscarlet fever photo scarletfever.jpg