March 21, 2014

Four cool websites

I love Unhappy Hipsters for several reasons, the main being because I find it hilarious. The writers use pictures from design websites and rewrite the captions, that's it in a nutshell. But I'm a resentful person when it comes to design websites; this thing of putting an old door on sawhorses and calling it a desk...that's what we did when we were poor and now they're calling it $3000 art design! What the hell. So I feel this website is excellent payback. It pokes fun at the models and the furniture and the ideas, which is great by me. I know...I'm a witch sometimes.

But tell me the following isn't funny!
 photo UnhappyHipsters.jpg 

Another website that amuses me to no end is Fuck Yeah Dogs On Computers. It's exactly what the name says. You know I can look at dog pictures for hours on end, so there's that. But these are dogs on computers. Some are funnier than others, but that's true of dogs in general. Like Unhappy Hipsters, this website has the greatest captions, though they're not as varied as UH. I mean: dogs on computers. There's just so much you can say. 

Slow Robot is also a collection of images and videos from the internet, mostly Tumblr, I think, and it's just good fun. There are also some very touching entries about children and animals. I ended up spending at least an hour reading the archives on the site and I think it's very worthy of your time.

Finally, check out ModiFace. It's a virtual makeover; you can use your own photo (or someone else's) and just follow the directions. Most of the changes involve plastic surgery (eye lifts, face lifts, something called "smile correction" and so on), after which you can choose new hairstyles and modify even those. You don't have to sign up and the website doesn't keep your images (unless you want it to), so it's pretty risk-free. I was going to post a "before and after" photo here, but I modified an enemy and I don't want to show how good she could look with a bunch of plastic surgeries and a whole lot of makeup.

This should keep us busy for awhile!