March 17, 2014

Great Times In Parenting

First are Theo (dog) and Beau (baby) who have gone absolutely viral with Mom's photos of naptime. This has touched something deep in a great many people. These two are beyond cute.

 photo BeauAndTheo.jpg

I'm sure you've seen the pics but I find I need to see them daily. Go to Mom's blog for many  more and watch the progression as puppy and baby grow.
 photo UnderTheSea.jpg

This parent gets so very crafty with markers, I could hardly choose which pic to post here. I just love these, and there are lots more right here.
This is one very busy baby, and Dad is quite gifted with, what, photoshop? How does anyone make pictures like this?

Oh well, I love them either way. Here's baby working on the car.

 photo WorkingOnCar.jpg

See baby painting the bedroom, doing a cannon-ball into the bathtub and throwing a birthday party on Dad's blog!
Another crafty Mom creates amazing activities using pics of her sleeping baby. This mom has a book published but there's still plenty online to see.

 photo ClimbingTheFence.jpg
And finally, I laughed way too hard at World's Best Father. I have no idea how he made these photos, but they're an arrangement of Baby doing incredibly dangerous things while Dad reads the sports page or looks on calmly. Baby sticks a knife in the toaster, baby mows the lawn, baby runs the get the idea. All the while, Dad's "World's Best Father" coffee mug is in plain sight.

 photo Worlds-Best-Dad.jpg

See much more here!