March 1, 2014

"Unexplained" image explained

I've run across this photo a few times on the internet; it's haunting for several reasons, the main being because it's just so creepy.

The thing that I can't get past is the clothing on the little boy. He looks like a child from the early 1900s in those shorts with leggings underneath...and he looks paralyzed with fear.

Bryan Johnson from Listverse gives an explanation of this photograph in his article about urban legends based on video footage. Before I quote Johnson, let me say that the other cases on his list are clearly videos but this looks like a photograph, no doubt.

But, Johnson references a 3 minute, 49-second video called "Satan's Sphinx" that, according to urban legend, was put on the internet to recruit subjects for mind control experiments.
Click image to view larger.
Johnson says about the video
"[...] the Satan’s Sphinx video contains a high pitched audio track that will irritate the viewer. It holds images of blood, death, and murder that are continually run over the screen. The pictures rotate so fast that it becomes impossible for people to individually identify them. At this point, incoherent whispering is heard and the screen begins to flash. People get dizzy, but don’t want to turn the movie off."
Better yet, the urban legend says that anyone that actually views all of "Satan's Sphinx" will succumb to suicide.

Don't look too hard for the video; the government has scrubbed it from the internet. Uh huh.

The image was seen by a lot of metal music fans when a band from South Dakota, Hellhorse, used it on the cover of their 2011 CD, "Decade of Dust".

Now we know!