October 29, 2013

Perfume and pedophilia

I post regularly (well, I used to) on a forum regarding the paranormal talk radio business. I've found that the members there are a cut above, intelligence-wise, others on the internet. And I've learned a lot! But the worst thing I learned was that one of the members, username "Morphiaflow", was arrested on October 3 for having at least nine thousand pieces of child porn on his computer. He's fat and balding and greasy and he's a pedophile that lives in a neighborhood full of children with a school bus stop mere houses away from his own. He's in Glendale, AZ and his name is Matthew Yenkala.

So maybe I'm sensitive on the issue right this second. After all, the following ads are almost 35 years old. Nevertheless, today is the day I post them along with my words.

I wore Love's Baby Soft, I loved it. As I recall, a lot of us in high school did.

But little did we know the storm that brewed over the advertising. It's clear now, which is either a testament to our increased awareness or a sad realization of the very significant role that pedophilia plays in our society.

The shape of the bottle, to begin with, is obviously calculated. (Never gave it a conscious thought at the time. Hence the term "subliminal," right?) The model, deliberately styled to look maybe ten years old with shiny lipstick on, clutching her stuffed bear and those words, those words: "...innocence is sexier than you think."

 photo LovesBabySoftAd-1979.jpg

The t-shirt, now, this is really creepy to me in light of recent events."I'm baby soft."

Helpless gagging.

 photo LovesBabySoftTshirt.jpg

I have no words left for this topic now. Maybe forever.