September 20, 2013

On The Playground, Back In My Day

In honor of back-to-school time, I honor the playgrounds of my own childhood.

We girls wore shorts under
our dresses so we could
hang upside-down.
(left) Yes, it was dangerous! I personally witnessed two broken arms as they happened, and countless little accidents that resulted in bloody mouths and noses.

But oh, the jungle gym was fun. And the monkey bars (right) were wonderful, the boys always climbed across on top instead of swinging arm to arm. The big thing was were you able to just go bar to bar without using both hands on each bar?

We had this on our playground in these exact colors! Perhaps they made thousands of them.

I can't remember what we called it, but we sat three to four girls on both sides and held hands and then made it rock.

Big deal, you might think. But we got that thing almost vertical as we went back and forth!

This was way fun. I'd like to do it again.

 photo Swing.jpg
Oh, this was forbidden. Swings were "for sitting", not standing. But standing up was a totally different experience than just swinging as usual.

Looking at this, I remember how those chains could really pinch a third-grader's hands. We girls had callouses on our hands from various playground equipment...but especially the swings.

If we'd had regular shoes like kids do today, like sneakers of some sort, life on the playground would've been a lot easier.
This one is really vintage! We sat facing inward and used our feet to get the thing spinning. It was really hard to get the speed up, but when we did, it was glorious!

We could also sit facing outward, which worked better for making the merry-go-round go faster, but somehow it wasn't as much fun. I don't know why.
 photo MerryGoRound2.jpg This is the more traditional merry-go-round. I loved the primary colors, I seem to remember that we had a game of moving from color to color.

We all grabbed a bar and ran around, spinning the merry-go-round faster and faster. Then someone would yell "Now!" and we'd all jump on. I felt like we were going at least 80 miles per hour! Sadly, the spinning didn't last very long.

Oh! There's the bell! We have to go in now, but we'll be back. We always went back.