September 8, 2013

New treats from Chew Mouse!

ChewMouseIf you're really into wasting some time today, try making a human calendar! It's very...interesting. And it should kill a few minutes for you.

Here's hoping this site doesn't cost you more than a few seconds. If you're messing with it after more than a minute, you just don't get it. Take it from someone who went on and on and on.
Do you like to chat online? With ibots? And the rude ones, do you like them? Then you will love Peter, who's a real bastard! And here's another chat bot that's really rather clever, and it even knows it's clever.

It's fine to create a really depressing blog, and it's especially savvy to publish it as white type on a huge black background. Nobody can doubt how sad you are then! Then again, some other depressing blog might be oddly compelling for ChewMouse, like this one was.

Maybe you'd like to go play with the boob ladies. After that gets old, find yourself a wife quite easily. And make sure she's a good one.

It's just amazing what you can find on the internet. Caring people, information, porn, illegal's a plethora of joy!'s really something.