September 1, 2013

KiniArt: I love it!

KiniArt is created by Kim Niles, author and artist. She draws all sorts of animals, but Westies are her specialty. I have a wonderful sweatshirt with a KiniArt Westie on the front, and a huge mug with the same design. Kim's work is available various places on the internet.

Check out the goodies below, click on any one of them to learn more. And be sure to visit Kim's own website!

 photo plaid_scarf_westie_mug.jpg
 photo new_year_westie_hooded_sweatshirt.jpg
                  Sweatshirts and tees 

 photo bumblewestietotebag.jpg                  Totes and bags

 photo lil_caesar_westie_mousepad2.jpg