July 29, 2013

Two of The Sisterhood

Lee Ann and Judy, c. 1965

July, 1964.

On the left is my mother, on the right is her sister, Judith ("Judi"). I found this photo in my household archives (ha) and it just stunned me for a few moments for a number of reasons, but let's keep this light. I think the white spot is from where tape got on it...I had never seen this particular picture; it was in my mother's things.

I think this photo tells us three major things that are worth knowing and remembering.

1. My mother had some totally groovy tops.

2. My Aunt Judi was prepared for a solar flare from 1963-1965 because she wore those sunglasses on her head for the entirety of those two years, I swear she did. I thought it was the ultimate in glamor but I could barely talk yet.

3. Sisterhood is eternal. And this photo is proof.