March 10, 2013

Seven things you can buy at KMart right now**

**To be fair, I did this online via KMart's website, so availability of items varies from store to store.

And let us not be snobby. KMart has some pretty cool stuff. If you're exclusively a Macy's shopper, I'm not sure why you're reading this at all. And if you think a clock made of cooking utensils is tacky, well, I just don't know you at all!

 photo squaresshowercurtain.jpg Retro cubes shower curtain.
70"W X 71"L, fabric, $16.19.
Jolly Rancher 16-ounce watermelon- scented candle. 11.4"W X 10.2"H, $8.99.  photo JollyRancherCandle.jpg
 photo pinkplaidpjs.jpg Cute and comfortable pink
plaid pajamas for women.
In sizes up to 4X, $12.99.
Sterling silver diamond accent turtle pendant,
18" chain, $29.99.
 photo turtlependant.jpg
 photo utensilsclock.jpg Waltham wall clock,
15" diameter,
Wonderfoam magnetic alphabet,
105 pieces, $12.49.

 photo foammagneticletters.jpg
 photo owlpillow.jpg
Decorative owl pillow, 18" square, $16.19.