August 28, 2013

August 20, 2013

Pretty Flower Graphics

Take whatever you want!

 photo Stalk.jpg  photo ReddishBranch.jpg  photo Yellows.jpg  photo PinkTop.jpg  photo Blue1.jpg photo Stalk2.jpg  photo Branch.jpg
 photo Bunch.jpg  photo BlueBouquet.jpg  photo PurpleSprigs.jpg
 photo BabysBreathPink.jpg
 photo Orchids.jpg
 photo HangingBunch.jpg  photo BabysBreathBlue.jpg
 photo BabysBreathPurple.jpg
 photo LilyOfTheValley.jpg  photo RedPetals.jpg

August 15, 2013


A lot of work went into the table below. Click on the picture and you'll be taken to a page with a full-sized Periodic Table of the Elements, then click any element (such as hydrogen or uranium) and see a short video about that element.

Great for students and science enthusiasts!

Periodic Chart

August 3, 2013


 photo ohohmouse.jpgWe all want Jesus in the bedroom with us...or in the backseat of a Ford, depending upon who you're dating these days....and now it's possible with Christ-Centered Sex Toys! You also have to be married to purchase any items.

You know, I truly hoped that there'd be a dildo in the shape of Jesus because you know that saying, "What would Jesus do?" ?
He'd be really pissed.

Alas, it's the same toys you can buy from any pornographic site with photos of naked ladies in sheer polyester sprinkled all over the page. But this does have entertainment value, I cannot deny it. Now for one that almost [I said almost!] offends me, click here.

August 1, 2013

"Migrant Mother"

 photo MigrantMother.jpg

Taken by Dorothea Lange in February of 1936, this is probably one of the most iconic pictures of the Great Depression. It just haunts me.

As it happens, while the woman was anonymous for many years, the woman came forward in the 1970s. Her name was Florence Owens Thompson and she was the mother of seven children; she was thirty-two when this photo was shot in Nopomo, California. Florence Thompson lived until 1983, when she died at the age of 79 years.

Here's a worthy page with Florence telling her own story.