May 30, 2013

Sea Creatures Graphics

Take whatever you like!
 photo PinkWhale.jpg  photo AquaDolphin.jpg
 photo AquaSquid.jpg  photo PurpleStarFish.jpg
 photo PinkSeaTurtle.jpg
 photo YellowSeahorse2.jpg  photo PurpleJellyfish.jpg
 photo PurpleFish.jpg  photo PinkFishPurpleGills.jpg  photo GreenAndPinkFish.jpg  photo RainbowFish.jpg  photo PinkFish.jpg  photo BlueFish.jpg
 photo OrangeCrab.jpg  photo PurpleOctopus.jpg  photo GreenSquid.jpg  photo RedCrab.jpg
 photo BlueWhale.jpg  photo GreenDolphin.jpg

May 19, 2013

Tornado Weather

Incredible photo of a tornado that touched down yesterday near Rozel, Kansas, in the western part of the state. Image found on Fox2Now.

 photo 5-18-2013.jpg

May 15, 2013

Retro wall decor

You can pay a lot for vintage-type wall hangings, but these start at $19.99. What surprises me is that they're at Bed, Bath & Beyond! Click here to check BBB's wall decor.
 photo FullServiceGarage.jpg  photo ComeInWereOpen.jpg
 photo VintageMinnie.jpg  photo DadsRepairShop.jpg

May 7, 2013

Easy creating

Not only does this handy site give you titles for what you've written, it gives you titles that are already in existence!

Here are some great titles that were generated for me (you just click on "Give Me Some Book Titles!"). . .

The Wet Stones

The Vision Of The Slaves

The Night Of The Ring

Third Souls

Weeping Wizard

Now, those are not stories or articles or poems that I've written, they're just starter titles.

I'd better get busy! Click on the picture below to try it out yourself.