January 28, 2013

Down Hollyhock Lane

These vibrant prints are part of a series by an artist known as cottagelover1953 and you can find many many more of his/her works on the Flickr link I provided. Here are a few of my favorites...

 photo CottageByStream.jpg

 photo RiverVillage.jpg

 photo Cottage.jpg

 photo CottageHydrangea.jpg

And this last one doesn't really "fit" with the others I love, but I could not resist it, especially when I saw the title: Deco Delight.

 photo Deco.jpg

January 18, 2013

Chew Mouse checks in with some interesting websites

ChewMouse I could have done this one better. And before you say "well duh!" I say this: it's obviously fake but it drove that point home just a little too hard. Spelling things like "girul" for "girl" and saying he lives in "Ariazona"....he could've stopped with just a few errors and been a whole lot funnier.
 But sometimes I like to share bad stuff, too. And that site is one of them.

I have a rule: I will not read blogs or sites with reverse type. This white lettering on a black background is hard on my eyes and it's just so...goth? Weird? Wrong?

I'm probably the last person on the internet to see this particular site. Good God. Then again, my main advice as a nurse, as a woman and as your friend is to avoid all surgeons unless you're dying. That way you have nothing to lose.

I've said this before: I believe in almost everything. But on this one? Finish the antibiotics as well. Or see a psychiatrist as well. Because something is just plain fishy here.

Now here is an honestly good one
. I did sign up but it's free (they don't ask for a credit card or anything like that) and you can choose a Tarot reading, advice from your guide, your horoscope and so on. I might be there a lot. It's really freakily wonderful.

January 6, 2013

Lost In Translation...

...but oddly beautiful.
 photo tinygrass.jpg

January 2, 2013


 photo KarateLessons.jpg 

 photo CrackerBarrel.jpg

January 1, 2013