October 12, 2012

Baby Furniture Nostalgia

 photo HighChairWithDecals.jpg
This could be the exact high chair that my brother and I used as babies. It's not, of course, but the wooden high chairs with animal decals were everywhere. I don't remember if the high chairs folded up...probably they did, but they could not have been anything like today's lightweight aluminum types.

I do remember that Mom had cleaned the finish right off the tray. She was not germ phobic, but she was clean. The tray of our high chair was a far lighter color than the rest of the chair. Maybe she used Comet to clean it.

Our crib might've been from the same set, all inherited fro much older cousins. I know they have safety standards for children's cribs but they didn't back in the sixties. Even so, this one looks okay to me, or it would if it had a mattress. Again the animal decal.  That lamb looks so familiar to me.

 photo Baby Crib With Decals.jpg
While I'm at it: my brother did, in fact, get hurt on the crib. He climbed up onto the rail and fell off, breaking a collarbone. He was an absolute monkey.

My vague memories are of my daytime naps, looking sleepily at the ceiling, watching the shadows cast by the sun shining through the trees.

I found a sheet of vintage baby furniture decals and just had to put them here.