August 10, 2012

Whitman books

I bought these books in Belleville, Kansas, where my grandparents lived. My brother and I got to visit there for about a week each summer and while Belleville was a lot smaller than my town, we sure found a lot more to do. One of those things was going "downtown", a real square with a courthouse on it and stores on all four sides. They had a Woolworth's Dry Goods where these books were. It was such a strange and wonderful store; I remember that for some reason, the thread selection was right next to the books. And the books were laid down with their faces up, not shelved. I bought my first mascara there, and my first bottle of Lemon-Up Shampoo. The floors were wood and they creaked. I can still smell that store, and it brings back so many memories...just like these book covers do.

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 photo TheCharmedCircle.jpg  photo TheFamilyName.jpg