June 18, 2012

Daily Tarot

I'm not sure if I've mentioned Aeclectic Tarot, but it's a site I visit almost every day. There are hundreds of samples from decks of Tarot cards (and if you don't know what Tarot is, the site explains that, too!) and they range from erotic to exotic, there are animals, children, fairies, photos...every kind of Tarot deck you can imagine, as well as links to Amazon or other places to purchase the cards.

Even if you don't "believe" in Tarot Card Readings, Aeclectic is a fantastic place to get pictures for your blog or website or just to have.

Here are some of the images I've loved lately...but to include all the cards I've loved would take an entire blog!

(clicking on any of the cards will take you to that exact page on Aeclectic Tarot)