March 6, 2012

Some ChewMouse tidbits

ChewMouse Buy a skirt. Yes, a skirt. The kind you wear. Because they simply don't come any uglier than this. And here's a way to get a skirt for any man in your life! If you want to do that, which I don't know why you'd....okay, onward.

Feeling crafty? Here's a wonderful little project you can do in your own home, and don't let anyone tell you that you can't! It's entirely legal. Tell them ChewMouse said so.

If you're still feeling crafty, you're reading the wrong blog. However, search around and see if you have any of those old pop-top metal lids from cans in the sixties and seventies. You know the ones I mean. You can now go pop-toppin' at a website that will show you just how! Go anyway for the fond memories.

All right, if you're still feeling crafty, or if you're on the wane, surely you can find some tampons around somewhere. Go get 'em and visit this website that will show you freakily inspired crafts made with, you guessed it, those very tampons.

Have a "Google Fight" by finding who wins for number of entries on the Google Search engine. Funniest one already done is God versus satan.

Make a map for your website, blog or just plain fun with this fast and easy tool. Simply check off the states you've visited and a map will be created; you can download it to your computer or paste the code elsewhere. If you haven't traveled much, you could do states you want to visit, maybe. I dunno. It's fun.