November 29, 2012

Cool Scrabble stuff

 photo ScrabbleTote.jpg

                        7.2" x 6.8", $8.99

 photo ScrabbleMug.jpg

          13 oz., $8.50
Now if you're a Scrabble freak like me and you have money to burn, the pendant at the right can be purchased in any initial you choose. $200. (Even I don't love Scrabble that much.)  photo ScrabblePendant.jpg

November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving Graphics

Take whatever you like! These re-size nicely, too!
 photo PilgrimChildren.jpg  photo IndianChildren.jpg
 photo PumpkinOrange.jpg photo TurkeyInPilgrimHat.jpg  photo BearAndTurkey.jpg photo HornOfPlenty.jpg  photo GreenLeaf.jpg photo OrangeLeaf.jpg photo Pumpkin.jpg
 photo Scarecrow.jpg photo VeryYellowLeaf.jpg  photo CornStalkAndPumpkin.jpg  photo ReddishLeaf.jpg photo BrownLeaf.jpg photo BigEyedTurkey.jpg
 photo ThanksgivingWreath.jpg  photo Mayflower.jpg  photo ThanksgivingPie.jpg photo CookedTurkey.jpg
 photo PilgrimBoy.jpg

 photo OrangeSidewaysLeaf.jpg photo GreenSidewaysLeaf.jpg

 photo TurkeyYellowFeathers.jpg
 photo PilgrimGirl.jpg
 photo IndianGirlBrown.jpg

 photo YellowSidewaysLeaf.jpg photo BrownishSidewaysLeaf.jpg
 photo TurkeyOrangeFeathers.jpg
 photo IndianBoyBrown.jpg

November 15, 2012

Retro books

Small paperbacks.

 photo HiThereHighSchoolSP.jpg photo TheFabulousYearSP.jpg
 photo MaryJaneSP.jpg photo WillowHillSP.jpg
 photo AGirlCalledChrisSP.jpg photo JenniferSP.jpg
 photo SpursForSuzannaSP.jpg photo HighNoteLowNoteSP.jpg
 photo TheNewLucindaSP.jpg photo JuliesHeritageSP.jpg

November 3, 2012

Woolworth's And The "Lunch" Counter

We had a couple of Woolworth's stores in my town when I was growing up. For some reason, my mother didn't like them and felt they were dirty...this is odd, because (I think I've mentioned in this blog), she grew up in Belleville, Kansas which had a huge Woolworth's where you could get things that were unavailable elsewhere.

Here are a couple of Woolworth stores, locations unknown, circa 1966.

 photo WoolworthsInterior.jpg 

 photo WoolworthsLunchCounter1964.jpg

Ah, but this is my favorite: a Woolworth's lunch counter menu from 1966. It makes me hungry:

 photo Woolworths1966.jpg

The one below, from 1970, is even better for the sheer gluttony of the food. Imagine eating all this food at a halfway point during shopping. #2, Roast Turkey Dinner, would be good for that. Ooof!

  photo Woolworths1970Menu.jpg

November 2, 2012