October 28, 2012

Our Lady Of Skepticism

I love this Scully image! And knowing that I could have it on a mug, a bag, a pillow...if only I were rich. I can't justify buying such things now but I can blog 'em and enjoy.

And you know, that's a poor substitute for actually having that nifty bag.

 photo DanaScully.jpg

 photo ScullyMug.jpg

 photo ScullyPillow.jpg
 photo ScullyBag.jpg
from Society 6

October 24, 2012

Girl Scouting

 photo GirlScoutTrefoil.jpg Yes, I'm a Girl Scout, and very proud of it. I had my Brownie uniform for almost a year before I was old enough to join, and I nearly wore it out, trying it on over and over.

The uniform and all the badges and pins were so much of the appeal for me; I'm a uniform kinda gal. And what was not to love about a brown dress with a bright orange necktie, completed by a brown felt beanie?
It sounds ridiculous to write it out, but I stand my ground on this: that was an awesome uniform.
 photo Brownie1.jpg  photo Brownie4.jpg
 photo Brownie3.jpg

And the handbook! I'm a sucker for handbooks, I always think: here will be my guide to life. And pretty much? The Girl Scout Handbooks are guides for life. The Junior and Cadette handbooks have a lot of good information. After all, we learned to camp and cook and make crafty things; we also learned to get along.

 photo Brownie2.jpg

I sold cookies, of course. Selling those cookies was an experience and an education. Worldwide, Girl Scouts sell cookies; so besides the bonding experience of doing what millions of others girls are doing, there was the competition between troops and individual girls within troops.

I never did very well, but I did try.

Below is an order form (the grid is on the other side) for the year I began to sell Girl Scout cookies, about 1969.
 photo GSCookies1968.jpg

As the sixties morphed to the seventies, Girl Scout cookies got more mod. Way cool boxes.

 photo GScookies1973.jpg

I found the following online and it looks fairly accurate. For the record, I have never been a fan of thin mints. I don't understand the appeal. But the others...well, you know. Everybody has their favorite; mine is peanut butter patties.

 photo GScookiesfavs.jpg

The uniform, the handbook, the camping, the cookies...none of that is what I most loved about Girl Scouting. I loved taking the pledge, going to meetings and ceremonies, being part of something bigger and better than I could be alone. I guess people have joined other groups for similar reasons.

I'll never say I "was" a Girl Scout. I am a Girl Scout.

 photo ranksofgirlscouts.jpg

October 12, 2012

Baby Furniture Nostalgia

 photo HighChairWithDecals.jpg
This could be the exact high chair that my brother and I used as babies. It's not, of course, but the wooden high chairs with animal decals were everywhere. I don't remember if the high chairs folded up...probably they did, but they could not have been anything like today's lightweight aluminum types.

I do remember that Mom had cleaned the finish right off the tray. She was not germ phobic, but she was clean. The tray of our high chair was a far lighter color than the rest of the chair. Maybe she used Comet to clean it.

Our crib might've been from the same set, all inherited fro much older cousins. I know they have safety standards for children's cribs but they didn't back in the sixties. Even so, this one looks okay to me, or it would if it had a mattress. Again the animal decal.  That lamb looks so familiar to me.

 photo Baby Crib With Decals.jpg
While I'm at it: my brother did, in fact, get hurt on the crib. He climbed up onto the rail and fell off, breaking a collarbone. He was an absolute monkey.

My vague memories are of my daytime naps, looking sleepily at the ceiling, watching the shadows cast by the sun shining through the trees.

I found a sheet of vintage baby furniture decals and just had to put them here.

October 2, 2012