August 10, 2012

Whitman books

I bought these books in Belleville, Kansas, where my grandparents lived. My brother and I got to visit there for about a week each summer and while Belleville was a lot smaller than my town, we sure found a lot more to do. One of those things was going "downtown", a real square with a courthouse on it and stores on all four sides. They had a Woolworth's Dry Goods where these books were. It was such a strange and wonderful store; I remember that for some reason, the thread selection was right next to the books. And the books were laid down with their faces up, not shelved. I bought my first mascara there, and my first bottle of Lemon-Up Shampoo. The floors were wood and they creaked. I can still smell that store, and it brings back so many memories...just like these book covers do.

 photo TrueToYou2.jpg  photo PracticallyTwins.jpg
 photo ThatCertainGirl.jpg  photo MinnowVail.jpg
 photo TheCharmedCircle.jpg  photo TheFamilyName.jpg

August 7, 2012


Has everyone but me met Henri, the existentially depressed cat? Why did no one tell me? This cat speaks to my spirit, he is simply perfect. 

In case you were out of the loop as well, here's his first video, made by Will Braden (who is also Henri's "caretaker"). You will surely want to follow this up with Henri 2: Paw de Deux and the vids following that, all on YouTube.

I just love him, love him. Who would not?

August 1, 2012

Unique tees

I don't know if I'd actually wear one of these animal faces t-shirts, but I know people who would.

Check out The Mountain on Amazon for more like these.
 photo CatTShirt.jpg
 photo PugTShirt.jpg  photo MountainLionTShirt.jpg