June 22, 2012

Beautiful dogs!

Of course, all dogs are beautiful, especially yours.

These are by wildlife artist Linda Picken. See all of her work here!

 photo BeagleWithMitt.jpg photo GoldenRetriever.jpg photo GermanShepherds.jpg photo ChocolateLabPup.jpg  photo CockerandPuppies_jpg.jpg

June 18, 2012

Daily Tarot

I'm not sure if I've mentioned Aeclectic Tarot, but it's a site I visit almost every day. There are hundreds of samples from decks of Tarot cards (and if you don't know what Tarot is, the site explains that, too!) and they range from erotic to exotic, there are animals, children, fairies, photos...every kind of Tarot deck you can imagine, as well as links to Amazon or other places to purchase the cards.

Even if you don't "believe" in Tarot Card Readings, Aeclectic is a fantastic place to get pictures for your blog or website or just to have.

Here are some of the images I've loved lately...but to include all the cards I've loved would take an entire blog!

(clicking on any of the cards will take you to that exact page on Aeclectic Tarot)


June 10, 2012

Nice wallpapers

I like having a nice background on my computer, but I'm picky. I don't like a lot of stuff on the left, because that's where my icons for iTunes, Chrome, Firefox and so on are. I don't want words on my wallpaper, unless they're really good words.

I found a site with thousands of wallpapers, all free. And you can crop and resize them as desired.

If you want any of the following, just click the pic. Otherwise, go to the site and browse around!

 photo puppywallpaper.jpg photo LionAndCub.jpg
 photo PolarBear.jpg photo Penguins.jpg

There are many more categories than "animals" but you know how I am.

June 6, 2012

I kind of wish I'd thought of this...

This site immediately struck me as hilarious, but after I stopped laughing I decided it might be a good idea. We can't really know.

Therefore, I'm sorry I did not think of it first.

Oh well, I'll come up with something else.
But quite honestly, it's one of the most unique sites I have ever found on the internet.