November 15, 2011

Letters From A Nut

 photo BookCover.jpg I have a number of books that I save for reading when I feel down or stressed...or just when I need to laugh. Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris is on that shelf, along with a Martha Stewart parody book and Jerry Seinfeld's Seinlanguage. Those books never fail me. I have others, but you get the idea.

I have too many books, is what. Wait. I have too few shelves! That's it. I knew that there was something terribly wrong with the phrase "too many books." There's simply no such thing.

Anyway, I know I have too few bookcases because I just re-found Ted Nancy's book at the left here, as well as its sequel. The books were, amazingly, hiding behind some of my Cherry Ames books. So I've missed some laughs over the last couple of years.
The only way to describe Nancy's work is to show it to you, so I chose two of my favorite letters (and their responses) for your enjoyment.

Click on the book to go to Amazon if you want to buy the book!


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