November 5, 2011

Assorted tools

Take what you like; remember to use the .PNG format for best results!

 photo tapemeasure.png
 photo bucketofbrushes.jpg
 photo scissors.png  photo needlethread.png
 photo pincushion.png
 photo sewing-machine.png
 photo wrench.png  photo pliers.png  photo screwdriver.png  photo hammer-1.png  photo paintbrush.png  photo paint-roller.png photo paint.png
 photo powerdrill.png  photo hacksaw.png  photo saw.png  photo wetpaint.png
 photo construction-tape-measure.png

 photo stapler.png

 photo tapedispenser.png
 photo pushtacksandpaperclips.png

 photo penholder.png
 photo pencil.png photo pen.png