October 11, 2011

Fashions I Remember...

I would say "What were we thinking?" except that I'm convinced now that we're an advertising-driven society and somebody came up with some very unappealing ideas that just took off and made somebody else rich. Because there's really no explanation for some of this stuff.
 photo BodySuits.jpg Body suits were actually a pretty good idea. They snapped at the crotch and could be a pain if you had to pee right away, but otherwise, they were handy.

We wore such low-cut jeans sometimes that body suits were not just fashionable but necessary. If you wore a regular top, it was sure to hike up when you were sitting, showing your underwear.

And we can't have that!
Smock tops (extra points if you had the "wings" on the sleeves, as shown) made a generation of American girls look like they were pregnant. There's something kind of creepy about that, something that makes me wonder who came up with the idea and why.

However, you couldn't beat smock tops for comfort. Also for gaining weight.

I remember clothes shopping when I was actually pregnant and looking in the mirror at Target (hey, I went cheap, this wasn't a wardrobe I was going to spend a lot of time wearing) and thinking: "My God, I look like I did in high school."

I do think smock tops infantized us, or at least made us look like vulnerable children. I don't remember, though, that high school boys were crazy about the fad.
 photo SmockTops.jpg
 photo CrochetedVests.jpg There was simply no excuse for this trend. Crocheted vests were big holey cardigans that provided no warmth whatsoever. And the only way to get a good vest was to have someone actually make it; the ones at Sear's and Penney's tried harder to be actual cardigans.

Yes, this was awful. And I so wanted a crocheted vest but it was a bit before my time.
I don't know what to say about bell bottoms. I loved them. I wore them. I owned many pairs. I felt so groovy.

But now I think: what a waste of fabric.

By the way, note that the bell bottoms in the picture are low cut. I think the overall look calls for a body suit. 
 photo BellBottoms.jpg
 photo LegWarmers.jpg Utterly pointless. Where did we think we were, the Arctic circle? The idea was that dancers, particularly those of ballet, needed to warm their calf muscles before really starting to dance. As it turns out, even ballerinas gave up leg warmers because there's no science there, muscles aren't warmed by huge knit tubes, they're warmed by activity.

But yes, I had them. Mine were blue and white. What was really funny was wearing them over jeans.
Maybe there's something wrong with my feet because toe socks hurt like hell. And they itched! I get itchy toes just looking at this picture.

Now, to be fair, these did keep your feet warmer than regular socks. And I never heard anyone else complain about the itchiness.

They are kind of funny. I see the appeal. Sort of. 
 photo ToeSocks.jpg
And here I sit, in jeans and an old sweatshirt...I do believe I've devolved back to the early sixties. And that's a good thing!