August 2, 2011

Dog Days

I'm not saying you wouldn't believe me, but it is 110 degrees Fahrenheit here, and I screen-shot my little Weather Channel icon to show you, also to mark the moment, so I can see it when it's twenty-below zero next January.  it's fucking hot
There is nothing to do in weather like this, nobody is even driving anywhere....hardly. I went to CVS and the only people there were a very elderly couple I saw getting out of their car; I thought: why? What's so important? You're in your nineties, for crying out loud, and it's one-hundred and ten freaking degrees out here!

But maybe they needed their heart medication or something, I can't know.

At any rate, I found this vintage Kool-Aid ad and I love it, it reminds me how I'd choose Kool-Aid packets according to color, when I was about six or seven years old.
Purple was always good, as was orange. Green was never great, but the package was so pretty. I know that Kool-Aid was flavored sugar water, very sugared water, but damn it was good back then.

And I did find something wonderful on this very hot day. I watch a lot of YouTube, or at least I have it on while I'm on the internet, and this little movie just warmed my heart. As if my heart needed that.

"An Apartment For Peggy" sounds lame, but I've watched tons of old movies on YouTube and this one is a keeper. It's so good! If anything, watch the first two minutes or so to hear the college students singing their alma mater.

Here's the movie in a playlist, I saved it as such but did not upload it; USAMatinee11 did the posting of the movie. For more about the 1948 flick starring Jeanne Crain and William Holden and Edmund Gwenn, you can read the IMDb review here, but IMDb doesn't do it justice.

What else have you got to do in weather like this?