April 22, 2014

Theo And Beau

 photo November2013.jpg photo November2013-2.jpg I wrote about cute babies and crafty parents last month and wanted to find out what's happened with the famous nap buddies, Theo (the dog) and Beau (the boy). To the left are two pictures of  them napping in November of last year. Below is an update this month.

These aren't my critters, but I do feel a pang at how much they've grown. Catch up more with Theo and Beau on mom Jessica's blog, Mama's Gone City.

 photo April2014.jpg
 photo potty-training.jpg photo outside.jpg

April 19, 2014

Sarah Kay

Sarah Kay is a shy Australian artist who began sketching years ago when her young daughter was ill. She sold some of her work to a greeting card publisher and her images were instant hits.

Sarah Kay's real name is Vivien Kubbos; she now illustrates children's books but refuses all publicity, including interviews.

 photo tulips.png  photo quilting.png
 photo chickens.png  photo hoeing.png
 photo meeting.png  photo guitar.png
Pictures are from Google images.

April 18, 2014

Good Friday

These are a couple of creepy Easter bunnies.

But when I think about it...the whole Easter Bunny thing is creepy. A rabbit breaks into your house early in the morning of the day Jesus arose from the dead and then that very rabbit hides eggs all over the place and leaves candy for you.

Try wrapping your head around all that when you're four years old!

As to why these Easter bunnies are so creepy, here's a thought: we don't really know what the actual Easter Rabbit looks like! Maybe that's the problem.
creepy bunny 2 photo CreepyEasterBunny2.jpeg (it's the eyes...the eyes!) creepy bunny 1 photo CreepyEasterBunny.jpg
(this one is a nightmare)

Here's Steven, aged five, with a not-too-frightening Easter bunny. That white wicker chair seems to be fairly standard, though.

Steven 1995 photo 1995.jpg