August 26, 2014

Sad Eyes

 photo Puppy.jpg It seems like everybody had "Sad Eyes" posters in the early seventies. I had two but they were probably not actually done by the artist responsible for these works, Margaret Keane. In fact, one of the paintings below is signed by another artist altogether.

Ms. Keane is the subject of an upcoming movie; she painted but sold her work under the name of her husband. When they inevitably divorced, he denied  her invention of the genre and took claim of it for himself. Margaret eventually won.

These pictures are sadder than sad and I have no idea why they had such appeal to us back then. Maybe it was like leg warmers: everybody else seemed to like them, so...
Here are four more Keane-type works. You can see even more at the Keane Eyes Gallery.
 photo GirlWithKitten.jpg  photo Dogs.jpg
 photo Dancing.jpg  photo Ballerina.jpg

August 24, 2014

Resin Figures

 photo ResinFigures.jpg

These resin figures were everywhere in the early to mid-seventies. I was actually looking for the one my friend Karen gave to me for Christmas in 1974. It said, "Bitch a little, you'll feel better."

I think these figures were about $1.98 at Hudson's Pharmacy. They were about seven inches tall and you could also find them at Blaylock's. And isn't it funny how last names that are so familiar to a particular geographical region seem so foreign to people who don't live where you are? (Everybody knew the Blaylocks, they had a horse farm.)

Anyway, it was probably Christmas of 1974 that my parents both got their "World's Greatest Mom/Dad" resin figure. That was four bucks of my allowance I'd never see again.

No, no, I was glad to do it. Nothing like a little statuette to say things I'd never have said out loud.

I wish I'd said it out loud.
 photo ILoveYouThisMuch.jpg

August 20, 2014

August 20, 2014

Look what Google gave me today!

August 18, 2014